High Quality Firniture  

Red Apple furniture is made of medium density fiberboards, only bottoms are made from particle boards. The outer surfaces are covered with melamine, while edge bands are protected with PVC with melamine layer as well. Both materials are imported from Germany: melamine from Linneman, PVC from Rehau. The edge band is lifelike, does not fade and become distorted by high temperature.

MDF and particle boards comply with European E1 Standard for the emission of dissociated formaldehyde (<9mg/100g). Melamine cover is treated with 300 tons/m2 pressure and 200 C temperature. Red Apple owns short-cycle press imported from Burkle, Germany. The Finishing includes ISO14025 certified high quality shining and anti-fading lacquers such as: PE, PU and UV.

PVAC glue - containing no formaldehyde nor poison - from National Starch and Fuller of US, is used by Red Apple for constant bonds. High quality glue makes the bond strong and resistant to water and inappropriate temperatures.

Furniture hardware materials such as hinges and supports mounted to beds, counters and tables are imported from Italian company Ferrari and have passed European 80,000-cycle open-close test and corrosion test.
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